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Learn the principles of life and love that have been proven to yield results. We were created to reign and rule on the earth…but how? And how can we do that if we’re still hurting emotionally, physically, relationally and financially? Learn how to be whole and step into your fullest life…Today!

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The message of LOVE is universal. No matter where you are in the world, understanding and applying the principles of love will most assuredly free you and make you whole in every area of your life. We’re all family, and thanks to the world-wide web, we can all be connected, no matter the distance!

What are Wisdom Sister Circles?
The Self Love Lessons Book + WisdomSisterCircles Online = A POWERFUL YOU!
When You Change a Woman - You Change The World!
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Kellye 'Queenie' Brown, Founder
As young girls we learned to cook, clean and nurture those around us. In fact, aside from everyday grooming there was no training available on the importance of loving ourselves or the methods by which we are to do so. We most certainly weren’t aware that God commands us to love ourselves in The Book of Love. The truth is that we, myself included, were never taught how to truly, fully love ourselves…Until Today! Won’t you join us?Kellye 'Queenie' Brown, Founder
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Therefore keep the words of this covenant, and do them, that you may prosper in all that you do. – Deuteronomy 29:9

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About WisdomSisterCircles.com

Wisdom Sister Circles.com is a private social network and a worldwide empowerment community: part book club yet all sister-hood. Our goal is to support one another as we apply the principles of Love to our daily lives, in an effort to eradicate all of the obstacles that prevent us from living our lives POWERFULLY!
Our founder, Kellye Queenie Brown is a passionate advocate for the restoration of women’s Spiritual, physical, emotional, relational and financial well-being.

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…A community of the Most Powerful, Stress-less, Emotionally Whole, Purposeful & Spiritually Grounded Family Alive and YOU are invited to join us!

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